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Celebrate DeviantArt's 15th Birthday!
As DeviantArt enters its 15th year on the Internet, we want to take a moment before blowing out our candles to thank the community for allowing us the honor of hosting the site that you call your home for art. After all, it's the community's 15th birthday, too, and in the past few months, we've been making it our top priority to share with you our plans for the future, celebrate the successes of our past, and look to you for guidance on how best we can serve each of you while entering this new phase of DeviantArt's existence.

As DeviantArt enters its 15th year on the Internet, we want to take a moment before blowing out our candles to thank the community for allowing us the honor of hosting the site that you call your h
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Kit bases by FlyingWithFire Kit bases :iconflyingwithfire:FlyingWithFire 78 22 De La Nada- Ghost Rider by RangyRougee De La Nada- Ghost Rider :iconrangyrougee:RangyRougee 2,546 626 Death Base by FlyingWithFire Death Base :iconflyingwithfire:FlyingWithFire 63 9 Mother and daughter base by FlyingWithFire Mother and daughter base :iconflyingwithfire:FlyingWithFire 58 14 Couple Base by FlyingWithFire Couple Base :iconflyingwithfire:FlyingWithFire 82 21 Character Abuse Meme: DANNEH by DragonsAndDP Character Abuse Meme: DANNEH :icondragonsanddp:DragonsAndDP 159 104 DP: Cereal Danny by Perry-noid DP: Cereal Danny :iconperry-noid:Perry-noid 161 68 Vlad Masters is a Froot Loop. by s0alaina Vlad Masters is a Froot Loop. :icons0alaina:s0alaina 39 13 Sesshoumaru Is by Patches365 Sesshoumaru Is :iconpatches365:Patches365 6,237 1,069 Danny Is... by puertorican12187 Danny Is... :iconpuertorican12187:puertorican12187 1,207 311
Warrior Cats Reader Insert- Reader x Brambleclaw
It was a nice warm Green-Leaf day, you were on patrol with Brambleclaw, Firestar, Whitepaw, and her mentor Brackenfur. You, muck like Brambleclaw are a new warrior, you name is (y/n) and you are a proud warrior of ThunderClan. Padding along the border your (fur color) (fur pattern) pelt lightly blowing in the wind. The border patrol went on as normal, there was no scent of any cats from another clan in ThunderClan territory along with no scent from loners, rouges, or kittypets. It was on the way back to camp that you had ended up stepping over a hollowed out piece of ground. Maybe a fox had tried to make a den there, you weren't sure. What you did know was that you were trapped underground with a strong pain along your foreleg. A fog of dust clouded your view of the hole above your head.
"(Y/N) are you ok!" The worried voice of your friend and clanmate Brambleclaw was heard.
"Yes, but I think I broke my leg!" You called back as the dust started to clear and you could see the other cats
:iconpsychostar1993:PsychoStar1993 67 40
Gravity Falls: Mystery Twins meet P.I.E. by BTWimamermaidd Gravity Falls: Mystery Twins meet P.I.E. :iconbtwimamermaidd:BTWimamermaidd 68 59 Johnny Toast pastel chalk by BTWimamermaidd Johnny Toast pastel chalk :iconbtwimamermaidd:BTWimamermaidd 29 8
VT Fanfic: Billy's Adoption Story
Papa Acachalla walked to the front of his 7-­11 store and turned the sign to "OPEN", then sat back behind the cash register, waiting for the sound of the chime of the store doors opening. When the doors finally opened, a tall man in an overcoat and hat walked in suspiciously with a little boy next to him, looking around in awe at everything in the store. Papa Acachalla learned not to judge the people who came into his 7­-11...NONE of them were normal to ANY extent anymore, and he was used to seeing WAY freakier freaks. The little boy was about 6­-or-­so years old, with brown eyes and dark brown hair, a blue jacket and jeans, and an overly enthusiastic smile. He walked straight up to a bag of chips and pulled on the man's overcoat, "Papa papa! Can I get these chips?" He said in a squeaky voice, and the suspicious man handed him a 20 and walked to the cash register. Papa Acachalla looked at him boringly, "How can I help yeh?" He asked in a monotone, heavy southern acc
:iconbtwimamermaidd:BTWimamermaidd 9 4


Okay guys, to be honest, I've gotten bored with Deviant Art. So, if there are weeks between uploads, that's why. I will be on every once and a while though, to grace your beautiful eyes with my amazingly shitty art, 
Johnny! NO!!

A scene from another upcoming fanfiction of mine. Poor Ghost 

(Do you guys think I need to put on mature content?)

(Also, it took me WAY to long to write P.I.E on their arm bands XD That show how much I suck at drawing)

Johnny Ghost and Johnny Toast both belong to Venturiantale.
Slender Children

Slenderman and Sally with their three children, which will be appearing a fanfiction i'm writing. :3 (They won't be cats in it, I just can't do human bases)

Freddy - Partially faceless brown tom, named after Freddie the Dinosaur
Maddie - Black and white she-cat, named after Maddie Friend
Jeffery - Faceless white cat, named after Jeff the killer

Sally Acachalla belongs to Venturiantale
Slenderman belongs to whoever owns him, I don't know.
I'M BACK BABY!!! Again... (Sorry)

Summer is finally here, and I am finally back! Sorry for the wait!!!!

So brought you Sally Acachalla and Slenderman!

Sally Acachalla belongs to VenturianTale

Slenderman belongs to whoever own him, I don't know who.
Guys, I am so sorry for being gone for so long, but I've been having trouble with school and my family just moved to a new house. I should have told you guys earlier but I will not be back until summer. 


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